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Daily Breeze Article


"A brewery aimed at locals by locals opens up in Hermosa Beach." "A lot of people say ‘I’ve been waiting for a place like this, Hermosa needs its own brewery.’ “

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"Honestly it doesn't get any better than this, fantastic beer, great food, and walking distance from the beach. If you're visiting the South Bay and in dire need of a refreshing beer. Look no further."

Easy Reader Article


"The Hermosa Avenue taproom offers a range of styles, including both the easier drinking and the double IPA variety."

Civic Couch 2 Minute Review


"We're back in Hermosa Beach checking out Hermosa Brewing Company for this 2 Minute Review.  Hosted by Steve Napolitano for Civic Couch."

Slice of Growth Blog


"This is by far my new favorite brewery in the LA area for a couple of  reasons: the atmosphere, the location, the 2 cool owners, and the  unbelievable beer. The sum of all of those things makes this place the  ultimate hangout."

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"Juicy IPA. Easy to drink. Light hops and a slight piney after taste. Great beer!"